Initial inquiry including short summary of content: 149,-€

I will make initial inquiries in various archives to find out if there is any material on file for the searched person, who is part of your Jewish-German origin. If the findings are positive, I will study the files in detail and provide a photograph to show the extent and scope of the materials. I will then put together a non-binding offer for my work listed for you below.

Initial inquiry 149,-€ for Berlin and Brandenburg

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Price**: 149,00€

* Recommended
** If the initial request is unsuccessful, a refund of 70% will be made.

If you are looking for information about a Jewish-German ancestor who did not live in Berlin or Brandenburg, please use the contact form. This way I can make you a personal offer.

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* Recommended


Selected scans and photos of significant documents from archives and online databases are produced as pdf documents with an English translation of the content.

The documentation contains maps of the places where the person or German-Jewish family lived. By arrangement, it can be supplemented with current photos of the places of residence or work.

The costs depend on the amount of material.
Therefore, I can only calculate the total costs after I have visited the archives and opened up the files.
Typically, the price range for documentation is between €500 and €1,500 including VAT.

I offer the documentation digitally as a PDF document.


The results from the individual archives will be processed chronologically and in a historical context, summarized and professionally laid out.

It includes maps of the places where the searched person lived, scans of documents from the archives, and can be supplemented by other royalty-free visual material. In consultation, current photos of the places of residence or work can also be included.

This individual design allows Avudim Berlin to provide a worthy framework for a lasting memorial to these German-Jewish lives – lives which often could not be freely chosen or lived independently.

The price depends on the amount of material, as this determines the follow-up work for research, preparation and layout.
Therefore, I can only make a binding calculation of the total final price after I have visited the archives and accessed the files.
Typically, the price range of a digital chronicle is between 1.500 and 3.000 € including VAT.

I offer the chronicle in two versions:
Digital as a pdf file or in printed form, including a USB stick, in several variants.

Copyright:  Avudim Berlin | Maps: Landesarchiv Berlin, Histomap Berlin

Flyleaf designs for print

Optional services complementary to the chronicle

Places of residence today

I will gladly document locations from the records with a short video and/or photos.

Cemetery visit

Would you like to know if your Jewish-German relative is buried in a Berlin cemetery and what the grave looks like? I will search the grave site for you and document the visit with a video and/or photos.

Accompanied visit on site

Would you like to visit the places mentioned in the records yourself and see where your Berlin Jewish Berlin ancestors lived, worked or spent their free time? I will accompany you to their places of residence, workplaces, recreational sites or shopping streets.

Are you interested in a service that is not listed here or do you still have questions?

Then please feel free to contact me to arrange an appointment for a consultation by telephone or video.