Does Avudim Berlin also research individuals who lived outside of Berlin?

I am also happy to search for documents outside of Berlin. When reviewing the files in the respective archives, additional travel or accommodation costs would be incurred if necessary.

How long does a search take?

Unfortunately, the processing times of some archives are several months.

What does a digital chronicle cost?

The price depends on the amount of material, as this determines the follow-up work for research, preparation and layout.
Therefore, I can only make a binding calculation of the total final price after I have visited the archives and accessed the files.
Typically, the price range of a digital chronicle is between 1.500 and 3.000 € including VAT.

Where does Avudim Berlin search?

The archives of Berlin and Brandenburg are important sources that can provide information about an individual’s life-choices. But they also document the common fate of the Jewish population — from exclusion to murder.

Where that research actually begins depends on how the life of the person being researched was. In addition to archives in Berlin and Brandenburg, a search in a forced labor database or in collections of companies that employed forced laborers can also be useful.

In the case of arrest or deportation, in addition to the concentration camp memorial or prison, inquiries can also be made at the archives in Bad Arolsen. Additionally, I always search the various online databases and memorial books.

What documents are there in the archives?

The diversity of archived documents varies, but can be very large. For example, private papers and photos can be found, as well as deeds or commercial register files with original business letters. But there are also official documents, such as the so-called “declarations of assets” in which the Jewish population was forced to present a hand-written declaration of their remaining personal property immediately before deportation.

Can I obtain the chronicle in another language?

Yes. However, the translation is automated, which is why the qualities may vary.

Do the chronicles always include photos?

Images of original documents from the files will always be included in the chronicle. Photos that are in the files are, of course, also included in the chronicle.

Other photographs, for example of original sites or buildings, are used in the chronicle if they are available royalty-free or if the copyrights can be clarified without problem. Alternatively, links to sources for photographs are provided in the chronicle.

Requests to the numerous archives and museums that own photo collections can be booked separately.

This also applies to photos of current places of residence or employment. (Link to services)

Can I specify a focus?

In addition to documents describing life in Berlin, there may also be documents that refer to a foreign birthplace, tell of a military career during World War I, or refer to resistance groups.

If desired, these leads can be followed up more intensively. Of course, it is also possible to concretize the focus afterwards.