Tracing the Lives of Berlin Jews

Uncovering Jewish-German Heritage

Delve into the rich history of Berlin’s Jewish community through meticulous research and documentation.

Our Mission: Preserving Jewish-German Heritage

Our website is dedicated to tracing the lives of Berlin Jews for their descendants. Through extensive research in archives, we uncover documents and photos that tell the stories of Jewish families in Berlin. Our mission is to answer critical questions about the past, such as the existence of documents related to Nazi persecution, original photos of businesses or residences, and the current state of significant places in Jewish-German history. By documenting these findings, we aim to preserve the heritage and memories of Berlin’s Jewish community for future generations. Our research process involves meticulous examination of historical records, interviews with descendants, and on-site visits to key locations. Each piece of information we uncover helps paint a vivid picture of the past, ensuring that these important stories are not forgotten.

Historical Archives

A Glimpse into the Past

Voices of Gratitude

A Grateful Descendant

„I am deeply thankful for the meticulous research conducted on my family’s history. The documentation provided has been invaluable in preserving our heritage and understanding the lives of my ancestors. This work has given us a tangible connection to our past and a profound appreciation for the resilience of our forebears.“ – Miriam Goldberg

A Family's Legacy Preserved

„The dedication and thoroughness of the research have brought to light many aspects of my family’s history that were previously unknown. This documentation has not only filled gaps in our knowledge but has also strengthened our family’s bond to our Jewish-German heritage. We are forever grateful for this priceless gift.“ – David Rosenfeld

Contribute to Our Collective Memory

If you possess any documents, photographs, or information related to the lives of Berlin Jews, we invite you to contribute to our ongoing efforts to document and preserve Jewish-German heritage. Your contributions can help piece together the rich tapestry of history and ensure that the stories of our ancestors are not forgotten. Reach out to us and be a part of this important work.